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Become A Trainer


All persons interested in becoming a Certified CuRobiks Trainer, please contact Ashlie Gray at [email protected] for specific details.



We are so excited that you are interested in becoming a part of the CuRobiks Fitness team of Instructors. This is an amazing program that is suitable for everyone! As a CuRobiks instructor you have the opportunity to perform at several events showcasing your fitness expertise with Cupid. You also have the opportunity to book CuRobiks Fitness concerts in your area. It is an amazing opportunity and we look forward to working with you.

**Before taking the test, we want to see you physical abilities as a trainer. Watch the CuRobiks DVD and Upload a video clip of you performing the “CUPID SHUFFLE” Routine as if you were teaching the class. We will grade you based on accuracy, stamina, and ability to lead. Good Luck and make it fun. State your name and city at the beginning of the video.
Step 2 – Purchase the test above.
Step 3 – Download the study guide. 
Step 4 – Create your account to begin the test.

Step 5 – Once you have payed the test fee of $175 you will be charged a fee of $150 a year.

Notice:  If you receive a passing score of 88% you will be a registered and certified as CuRobiks instructor for 1 year. The following year they will be charged $150 to maintain their certificate and that amount will be charged each year going forward.